The O’Mahony Celebrate Birthdays in a special way!

“In the NICU, you feel so out of control most of the time. You have a baby, but in many ways it doesn’t feel like YOUR baby. You can only hold/touch/feed it at certain times, etc. ”  – Carrie Sika O’Mahony

The O’Mahony family stayed at RMHC of SW VA for 55 days with their twin boys and they now desire to give back by preparing a meal each year on the boys’ birthday.  What a special way to celebrate this milestone.

No one knows better than a former family how much something like a homecooked meal means when you’re going through one of the most difficult times in your life.

Here are more ways to give back:

Hold a Facebook fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House for yourself or your child’s birthday

Host a 3rd party fundraiser, i.e., lemonade stand, bake sale, yard sale, etc…

Have guests bring wish list items in lieu of gifts to a birthday party

Check out How to Get Involved for more ways to help.