Pull for the House!

Tap Top Program

How does it work?

We collect aluminum tab tops from any container (soda pop, soup, pet food, etc.) and work with a local recycling company to turn those tabs into money for families of hospitalized children.

Who can participate?

ANYONE! Because tab tops are common and easy to collect, any individual or group can participate. Many schools support this project because it provides a terrific opportunity for children to get involved and make a genuine contribution to their community. Churches, hospitals, college groups and businesses also participate in this easy program.  Check out our Tab Top Recycling Competition as well to add some excitement behind collecting!

Why pull tab tops?

Tab tops from your soda, beverage or soup is a major fundraising effort for the RMHC-SWVA. This tiny tab top can help raise thousands of dollars to support the families of seriously ill or injured children receiving medical treatment in local Roanoke Valley area hospitals.

How do I collect the tabs?

Get creative by making an eye-popping collection container for your tab tops. You can download different size Tab Top labels below to attach to your container. Use boxes, coffee cans or large plastic jugs with wide openings (no milk jugs or water containers please!). We can provide you with a corrugated cardboard miniature house. Hanging up flyers and decorating your collection containers can help catch people’s eyes!  Be clear that it’s going to help a good cause!

How do I promote the program at my school, company, or organization?

Hanging up flyers and decorating your collection containers will catch people’s eyes! Be clear that it’s for a good cause! You can use our templates to make your own. Best decorated containers will be featured on our website!


Where can I get a tab collection box?

Any container can be used to collect tab tops. RMHC-SWVA has a small number of collection boxes available for those interested.  If you need more than few boxes for a school or community project, please reach out to Jeanne via email for bulk orders.  We do ask for a donation to cover the cost of production for those that need multiple collection boxes.

Where do I bring my tabs?

You can bring them to the Ronald McDonald House at 2224 Jefferson Street SE, Roanoke VA 24014 between 8am – 8pm or place them in the tab top house outside near our parking lot. Should you like a tour of our House when you drop off your donations, please call (540) 857-0770 prior to your visit to schedule.

*We do not advise mailing as postage is more than the value of the tabs.

Every spring, we also host our Tab Top Extravaganza that includes a Tab Top Recycling Contest which adds to the fun of collecting tabs.

Why do you only collect the tab?

Tabs are more sanitary and easier to store than whole cans in our limited space.