The Ronald McDonald House

The House that love built, is a beautiful English Tudor style home that blends seamlessly into a nice residential neighborhood. Our home has 18 bedrooms with private baths, television, wi-fi, laundry facilities, and 2 large dining rooms where guests are served a meal every evening. Other common areas include a family room, playroom, and library with a computer. The latest addition to our home is the Magic Room where children may pick out a toy to keep.

Inviting Outdoor Areas

The House sets on beautiful grounds. The main entrance is in the rear of the home.

The View from the front of the Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House Exterior
Outdoor Patio Area
Ronald McDonald House Entrance
Ronald McDonald House Entrance
Covered Porch
Outdoor Seating Area

Common Areas

Guests enter into a foyer with a comfortable living room to the left. Turn right and you’ll enter into the first dining room where meals are set up buffet style every evening. In the larger dining room guests have a place to cook breakfast & lunch, or heat up leftovers. A cubbie is assigned to each room to store special food items.

Open Living Room and Foyer
Entrance Near Living Room
Entrance Near Living Room
Dining Room with Buffet Area
Dining Room with Seating and View
Cubbie Area off Dining Room


Each room includes two queen size beds, private bath and television (renovated room pictured). The ground level has plenty of space for family to gather with a pool table, playroom and library. Laundry facilities are conveniently located just of the elevator. The screened in porch is an inviting area to relax.

Private Guest Room
Guest Room Bathroom
Private Guest Room
Guest Room Living Area
Hallway Leading to Guestrooms
Guest Room Sponsorship
Guest Room Sponsorship
Spacious Family Room
Pool Table in Family Room
The Ronald McDonald Bench
The Magic Room
The Playroom
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
Relaxing Screen Porch