Celebrating 40 Years

Giving families with a sick child what they need most – each other.

Celebrating 40 Years of Mission: Providing Hope, Love, and Community to Families of Sick Children since 1984

As we commemorate our 40th year of service, we reflect on the journey that brought us here, the lives we’ve touched, and the enduring mission that continues to drive us forward. For four decades, our nonprofit organization has been dedicated to providing an environment of hope, love, and community to families facing the unimaginable challenge of having a sick child.

A Legacy of Compassion

Founded on the belief that no family should face the burden of illness alone, we have worked tirelessly to create a support system that extends far beyond medical care. From the moment a family walks through our doors, they are enveloped in a community of compassion, understanding, and unwavering support.

Hope in the Face of Adversity

For families grappling with the uncertainty of their child’s health, hope is often the most precious commodity. That’s why we have made it our mission to cultivate an environment where hope thrives. Through innovative programs, resources, and partnerships, we empower families to find strength in the midst of adversity and to envision a future filled with possibility.

Love That Knows No Bounds

At the heart of our organization lies a love that knows no bounds—a love that transcends illness, fear, and despair. It is this love that binds us together as a community and sustains us through even the darkest of times. Whether through a comforting embrace, a listening ear, or a simple act of kindness, we strive to ensure that every family feels the warmth of our love surrounding them.

Building Community, One Family at a Time

Central to our mission is the belief that no family should ever feel isolated or alone. Through support programs and family events, we foster connections that span across generations and provide a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the walls of our organization. In our community, every family is valued, every voice is heard, and every journey is shared.

Looking to the Future

As we look ahead to the next 40 years and beyond, our commitment to serving families of sick children remains unwavering. We will continue to innovate, to advocate, and to expand our reach, ensuring that every family receives the support and care they deserve. Together, we will create a future where illness is met with hope, love, and a community that stands united in solidarity.

Join Us in Celebration

On this milestone anniversary, we invite you to join us in celebration of 40 years of mission-driven work. Together, let us honor the countless families whose lives have been touched by our organization and reaffirm our dedication to creating a world where every child and every family can thrive.


We have an exciting year ahead as we celebrate this significant milestone.  We will be sharing lots of history, photos, celebrations, and more throughout the year.  Keep scrolling to learn more.  You can also follow along on social media for more news and updates!

We have a lot of things planned for the year and hope you’ll join us as we celebrate this milestone!


A few upcoming activities include:

April 5 – Rock-A-Tee – special tie dye t-shirt this year!
May 4 – Tab Top Extravaganza!
May 17 – 40 Years of Love Birthday Bash!
This special fundraising event will take place at Salem Memorial Ballpark and include a special “dining on the diamond” experience,

Check back often for exciting updates as well celebrate all year long!