Make Change

McDonald’s Donation Boxes

Did you know when you drop change in the donation boxes at your local McDonald’s you support your local Ronald McDonald House by helping a family stay together while their child receives medical care.

You Small Change Can Help Children Heal

Start saving your coins for RMHC Day of Change today!  Your pennies, nickels, and dimes help keep families together.

A Group Effort

Get the whole family involved and fill a change jar for a year and bring it by to see firsthand how your donation helps. Start a change war at school or in your place of work with other departments. We will be happy to post your bragging rights!

Order. Round Up. Smile.

When you Round-Up for RMHC at your local McDonald’s, your change makes a HUGE impact! You help keep families together during a medical crisis can improve quality of life for all family members. Parents can focus on their child’s care instead of worrying about where to sleep or how to pay for groceries.

Day of Change

n. \ˈdā ˈəv ˈchānj \

  1. October 15, 1974 is the anniversary of the first Ronald McDonald House to open in the world.
  2. A celebration of the impact that McDonald’s crew and customers make for families with sick children through the RMHC Donation box and Round-Up programs at McDonald’s. #DayofChange