Volunteer Appreciation Week

Whether processing donations of tab tops, cooking dinner for our guests, raking leaves in our yard, or helping ensure special events run smoothly- our volunteers truly are the heartbeat that keeps our mission going.  Each volunteer brings unique talents and passions with them to every shift in a sort of labor of love.

We know our volunteers’ lives are busy as they balance their own career, family, and other commitments, which makes their dedication to our House so honorable.  As the popular saying goes, “volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they have the heart.”

This Volunteer Appreciation Week and throughout the year, we want to recognize those who give so much of themselves to plant seeds of love in the lives of so many.

We miss our volunteers so much and look forward to when things return to normal so that we can continue Keeping Families Close… together.

We invite you to consider how you can join our team as a volunteer- whether as an individual or as a group.  Learn more about how to get involved as a volunteer!