This is the Year…

to start a fitness program.
to eat better.
to read more.
to take time for myself.

Do these sound familiar? Do you have new year’s resolutions each year? Goals to accomplish? While the above are all great ways to take care of yourself, can we suggest one more?

This is the Year to appreciate the little, big and crazy things in our life. Let’s wake up each morning ready to take on the day with gratitude. Let’s approach each day together being thankful.

Here’s a few things our staff members are thankful for this morning…

“I’m thankful for the big ‘squeeze’ I got from my 4 year old this morning when I picked him up out of bed,” – Jeanne, RMHC-SWVA Executive Assistant

“My phone call from my grandson last night, getting to talk about ‘saurs (dinosaurs) and tractors,” – Susan, RMHC-SWVA House Program Director

We are extremely grateful for you, our donors, who continue to support us each and every day and support us in being able to accomplish our mission.

We are grateful for being able to provide our families with warm beds and yummy meals, and togetherness.

We are grateful for what a new year brings – lessons to learn from those challenges we overcome, new memories, good laughs, love and hope.

Finding gratitude is easy when things are going well. It can be a little more challenging when things aren’t going your way. Let’s get in the habit of expressing gratitude in the good times to help us in challenging times.


Voices of gratitude from our families this past year…

“Thank you so much for all these years being a blessing to my family through The Ronald McDonald House. I’m grateful and thankful for this blessing. God Bless You All, PS23.”  -Annesta & Family

“Thank you all so much for allowing me to stay here while Silas was in the NICU! I was truly lost when I had to leave him behind everyday to come back home. Your call couldn’t have come at a better time & I appreciate your sweet faces always smiling to greet me whenever I came back every night.”  -Emily