Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.  When you hear the word “hero,” capes and superpowers may come to mind. Though, when we think of heroes, we’re reminded of the brave children staying at our House who fight critical illness far from home. During the month of May, we are going to celebrate two types of superheroes – the brave little heroes that battle critical illnesses each and every day and YOU!

Jacob is one of those brave heroes.  He was born a miracle baby on August 8th with hydrocephalus, a cleft lip, and a palate. His family traveled from Wise Virginia to Roanoke over 188 miles away (3 hours!) for a genetic specialist appointment prior to his birth and that was where their journey started. Jacob was born at 27 weeks and 6 days weighing 3 lbs. 5.6 oz.  This little guy has endured many procedures since his birth – a shunt placement and removal, g-tube and trach surgery, meningitis multiple times and lastly a craniotomy.

Though, the way Jacob and his parents see it, YOU are the hero. For 211 days, Jacob’s Mom & Dad were able to be there for many surgeries, healing time, ups and downs, milestones and much more, thanks to being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The power of kindness kept Jacob close to his mom and dad and the essential care he needed to thrive.

Children like him are facing superhero-sized battles against critical illnesses each day. These little heroes are thankful for heroes like you who step up in a big way!

For 39 years, YOU, our community, supporters, donors have been encouraging children to stay strong during treatment and giving them the best medicine of all: the love of their family!  As the Ronald McDonald House celebrates its 39th birthday on May 5th, we remember families who have made our house their home, our community who supports us and all those who have made a lasting impact.


Thank you for encouraging children to stay strong during treatment and giving them the best medicine of all: the love of their family.

If you would like to support our 39th birthday campaign with a generous gift today, you’ll come to these little heroes’ rescue by offering them and their family members a loving place to stay while they continue fighting their critical illness.  Help RMHC-SWVA raise $39,000 in honor of 39 years of supporting families and changing lives like Jacob’s by donating today.

“We have been given the most wonderful blessing of being able to stay close to our baby thanks to the wonderful services of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Without this, I don’t think we could’ve slept a night at home being so far away from our precious baby. Thank you to everyone involved, you have been amazing!” – Jacob & Tiffany, Baby Jacob’s Parents