Set Your Intentions

Happy 2023!!

With a new year comes along new hope, new seasons, new chapters, and new actions. So, how can you set your intentions around these new things? Reflect on what you value and what matters to you and then plan around those thoughts. Consider this the “clean slate” season and set your goals and intentions for a brand-new year!

The Oxford Dictionary defines an intention as an aim or a plan. Your intentions will help you plan your overall theme for 2023.

So, Set Your INTENTIONS for the year ahead! And once you have your intentions set…it is time to plan how to accomplish those intentions.

We have some wonderful ideas for some great ways to accomplish those intentions you set plus it will give you the opportunity to support our mission here at RMHC-SWVA.

  • Get Involved in You Community by Volunteering – We have so many fun ways in which you can volunteer with us – special events, house activities, cooking dinner, help at our Family Room, and more.
  • Help the Environment – Recycle – What better way to make an impact on your community than to recycle and with RMHC-SWVA we can make it fun for all ages! Collect those tab tops and bring them to us here at the Ronald McDonald House! You can also register yourself, a group, a business, even your school to participate in our Tab Top Recycling Competition in May!
  • Plan for Your Future – Write Your Will: Build a legacy and take care of your loved ones. Check out our new partnership platform: FreeWill – a secure online estate planning resource that allows you to make a will in as little as 20 mins (and it is FREE).  You can also use this opportunity to support our vital work by leaving a legacy gift to RMHC-SWVA. These gifts cost you nothing today but ensure we can continue to provide an environment of love, community, and hope
  • Eat Healthier: It’s something that we can all use some work on so why join us and make a healthy meal for our families through our Meals from the Heart program. Grab a group and come to the house and share your healthy recipes.
  • Learn a New Skill: The sky is the limit here – oh so many neat ideas come to mind! Take that idea and gather some friends together and turn it into a FUNdraiser for RMHC-SWVA.

2023 can be a great year for achieving our dreams and intentions.  Join RMHC-SWVA as you continue throughout the year to achieve your goals. Whether it’s time, talent, or treasure that you can contribute we are truly grateful.

Here’s to creating and manifesting your dreams for 2023!