Love Note from Marliana

mother and son hold hands together

Marliana Ball stayed a total of 137 days at the Ronald McDonald House when her twin boys were born prematurely.

A Thank You Note

“This place has been an amazing blessing bestowed upon my family.  It has allowed for me to have a safe haven every night to rest and eat a nice warm meal.  It has brought me many new friends, that unlike back home, are able to relate to my struggles and fears.  This house which is built by love reminds me of a large ship that is not only harboring but guiding us through our journeys.  It symbolizes that just because life has brought us to these deep waters, we don’t have to drown when we are exhausted but in fact look upon our fellow neighbor as God intended and stay afloat.  And most importantly that we will see the shores of home again.”
– Marliana Ball