A House for 38 Years

What comes to mind when you hear the word House? A building, a shelter, a place where people reside.  A house is all these things, but at Ronald McDonald House we hear that word and we think of more than just a physical object.  While our house does provide a place to sleep and a place to gather for meals, it also stands for comfort and hope. It’s where you can find love, support, safety, and family.

For 38 years, the Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke has been able to provide over 25,000 families the most important piece of a house – togetherness!  As the Ronald McDonald House celebrates it’s 38th birthday this May, we remember families who have made our house their home, our community who supports us and all those who have made a lasting impact.

The meaning and purpose of the Ronald McDonald House can be summed up with the following statement that hangs on our wall, “This is the house where families meet to continue their lives, to eat and sleep, to find their strength, to dry their tears, to look forward with hope to better years, this is the house that becomes their home, this is the house that love built!”

We are asking the community to join us in celebrating our birthday by helping us raise $38,000 in recognition of our 38th Birthday. Some ways you can join us to celebrate include sharing your memories with us, donating $38 (or more) for 38 years, and spending some time with your family baking a cake (or other yummy treat) in our honor (make sure to enjoy it with loved ones and share your photos!).

Our families see our House as more than just a place to rest their head, and that is because of our community, our neighbors, YOU! Here are some love notes from our families from over the years:

“Thank you seems like a small word. To me, there’s not enough words to say about how grateful I am for the Ronald McDonald House and everyone that has made our lives easier here. The stay here soothes the soul and gives us an inner peace. It makes things less stressful, in all aspects. I want to say Thank You to Everyone that contributed to the Ronald McDonald House and to the staff. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Pam Mullins

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown to me and my family. Before I was given the blessing of this room I tried sleeping in my car and in the waiting rooms because I could not afford a hotel. I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful place to stay out of the heat and to have a soft bed and place to clean up. I was so heart-broken to leave my child to find a cheaper place to stay. Now, I can be close to my baby. This organization will be in my prayers forevermore.”   – Rhonda

“Words cannot describe how thankful me and my family are for this organization to take us in while our precious baby girl, Khloe, was in the ICU! We felt the love that this house is built with, the kindness from every employee and volunteer. Thank you for being here when we need you the most.”  – Melinda & Arthur

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