Tab Top Event

Due to the current COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, we have had to suspend our 2020 Tab Top Event.

Until the event can be re-scheduled, we encourage you to continue “pulling” for the House.  Keep those tab tops for this event in the future or feel free to drop them off in our Tab Top House, located in our parking lot, just outside our main entrance!!

We will certainly keep you updated when we are able to hold this event again.  When that day comes, we encourage you to engage your competitive spirit and collect as many tab tops as you can and bring them all to the Ronald McDonald House to be weighed.  If you bring the heaviest tabs, you win prizes! Even 1 tab turns into money we need to support our families, so bring us anything you have! Get your kids, friends, and neighbors involved to help us fill an entire dumpster full of tab tops.